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4 practical ways that you can do to grow long hair Fast

My hair grows slowly-what does it mean? In a nutshell, this may simply mean my scalp is healthy and in better condition than it should be. This brings my hair even be unhealthy and not in his best condition naturally so that my hair grows naturally optimal speed or faster.

It may also simply mean that might fall faster than they can ‘ restore ‘ or grow my hair. Or does it mean that my hair is weak and unhealthy, splits, are fragile and break easily. It also says my general health, lifestyle, diet, scalp care, hair care, emotional state or physical state or all of these factors, needs my attention, care and ‘ fine tuning ‘.

The fact is, when the scalp and hair is healthy, about 90% of the hair is growing all the time at the optimum speed and of course healthy–while the remaining 10% is resting. After my hair rests for a couple of months, my hair healthy naturally falls to make room for my new hair. When i get my new hair grow, healthily, naturally grow as half an inch each month.

But when I have those factors ‘ block or slow hair growth ‘ arrival, this whole process is disrupted and soon you will see this effect or consequence when I look in my mirror and, or see how more than 50 hairs are shed each day from my head!

So, what are the ways to get around these factors is disturbing and disruptive ‘?

Economic ways, expensive ways, ways of scientific ways, luxurious natural ways, ways of chemically induced, combination of ways of this and that, with Ayurvedic treatments, learn ways to rest and relax, eat well, live well, good scalp massage, or if you can afford to splash a lot more money, just do the transplanted hair, natural hair extensions or wear natural hair wigs!

We examine how feasible for normal people, like a normal busy working MOM with two kids like me.

1) Diet

Eat foods rich in protein (this makes keratin which is what the hair is made of), B vitamins (reduce hair loss), antioxidants such as vitamins C, E and to detoxify and cleanse our system to build new hair cells and strengthen the hair, foods rich in iron and zinc.

Iron gets oxygen to the cells and hair follicles too-very important for hair and scalp healthy. Two things can make zinc-to grow our bodies and repairing our tissues like hair.

For all this goodness can I obtain them either from taking supplements (as recommended by my doctor) or eat things like eggs, lean meat, fish, nuts, beans, soy stuff, bananas, seafood, spinach, peas, broccoli (green leafy vegetables) and whole grains, oranges, lemons, strawberries, kiwi fruit, fortified foods, etc.

If possible, try to have these fresh foods and canned processed or not. Would much rather Cook the healthy way as steamed and grilled instead of deep frying or deep fried. Do it constantly (I have them in your diet every day) and your body gets the diet ‘ blocks ‘ to grow hair very fast.

And another tip, drink plenty of water. As they say, 8 glasses would be great and if it is possible to have 2-3 glasses like first thing in the morning after you wake up, this can do wonders for your health-water removes all accumulated bacteria and toxins from your system.

2) lifestyle

In summary, this means maintaining physical and mental health in tip-top condition as possible-because the mental health or emotional well-being is also fundamental to remain positive.

I just talked about eating well as one of the ways to grow hair very fast. So what should we do with our everyday life? For a great start healthy, if you smoke, stop-or at least work to get out of this bad habit it’s self-destroying ‘. It’s basically burning money ‘ for no benefit at all.

So for heavy drinkers or regular party goers, go easy on alcohol. A SIP or two of wine or brandy ‘ sano ‘ Gets our blood circulating and carries blood up to my cheeks (cheeks ‘ blush ‘ when I drink), but not as gulp down glass after glass, like any other night at parties, social gatherings or at home on their own. Excessive alcohol burns the liver-especially on an empty stomach.

Then stay healthy by doing regular exercise such as running, brisk walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, dancing, biking, cycling, climbing, skating, playing tennis, playing soccer and much more that can be done. I love the outdoors!

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